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    An Integrated Pure IP-PBX

    Matrix Business PBX-KTS specifically designed for small and medium businesses (SMB) is future proof and can easily grow with the growing communication needs of the business. It offers productivity-boosting features that matches best-of-breed PBXs in the market and interfaces to all the matured and new-generation networks like POTS, ISDN, GSM/3G, VoIP, etc.

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    Business PBX-KTS

    The modern businesses often face bigger challenges than those faced by the established and large entities. They are dynamic and required to be more productive with limited resources. They need communication system that can help to respond faster, boost their productivity and reduce their acquisition and operational costs. The communication platform should be future proof and can easily grow with the growing communication needs of the business. In nutshell, it should offer all the functions of a large and expensive system minus the price tag. Matrix Business PBX solution offers an all-integrated communication platform, ETERNITY PE designed specifically for businesses destined to become tomorrow’s enterprises.  ETENRITY PE is designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) customers having up to 48 users. 

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    Enterprise PBX

    An Enterprise PBX should have the capabilities to scale with and deliver truly to the enterprise needs. It should offer enhanced features boosting the overall productivity. The higher and diverse communication needs require an enterprise PBX to offer connectivity to all existing as well as new generation networks. Also, emerging is the trend to deliver office desk phone functionalities and capabilities to a user’s mobile phone, extending user mobility beyond the corporate premise. Besides data services even voice communication is migrating towards IP, offering globally portable extensions and advanced IP functionalities.

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    Electricity infrastructure is the lifeline of every modern community, state and country. Instant, live-wire communication is vital for the people who run and maintain electricity generation, transmission and distribution. They demand a communication system that is reliable, intelligent and flexible. Due to the special nature of their PLCC communication network and application, they need a special product that is designed keeping their infrastructure and requirements in mind.

    The PLCC network itself is typical in its architecture and topology. In addition, PLCC users depend heavily on communication to keep the electricity infrastructure run uninterrupted round-the-clock. Matrix ETERNITY is the result of thorough study of PLCC requirements and many years of experience in designing similar products.

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    Prompt and efficient service is the key area of Hospitality Business. It is the quality of service that builds the reputation of Hotels and creates a loyal customer base. Amongst various services offered, communication is of prime importance and is the life line of Hospitality Industry. An effective communication system reflects the professional competence of a Hotel.

    Matrix Present a range of Hospitality IP-PBX that not just plays a role of a communication system, but also actively contributes in the routine functioning of the Hotel thereby increase the productivity of its staff. With features that facilitate to serve guests more efficiently without any human error, Matrix Hospitality Solution truly is a boon to hoteliers.

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    Communication is the driving force behind any organization and the infrastructure is the key asset in providing flexible and effective connectivity to the outside world. Different telecom networks offer advantages in different aspects. The ISDN BRI-PRI is one of such Omni-present networks. Most of the infrastructure requires this digital interface connectivity because of its inherent advantages such as speed, reliable connectivity and Quality of Service (QoS) etc.

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    Matrix offers a wide range of versatile PBXs for Small Offices and Homes (SOHO) with a host of powerful and built-in features. User can choose from nearly 11 different models, offering trunks and extensions in varied configurations ranging from a single trunk line to as many as 6 trunks and select from 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 and 16 extension options that offers great flexibility and exactly tailors to the requirements of small and home offices, shops, restaurants, showrooms and residences.


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